The 10 Punniest Hedgehog Names

Hedgehogs are silly creatures who seem to attract silly owners. For some strong evidence of this, just look at their names! Many hedgehog owners come up with punny names for their prickly pets. Below are the 10 punniest hedgehog names I came across recently. A lot of these little guys are from Hedgehogs Anonymous on Facebook.


The 10 Punniest Hedgehog Names


Quilliam is a classic. And look at that face! You may encounter a lot of Quilliams, because it’s such a great name.



I’m not going to lie, this name (and her photo) sent me into fits of giggles. I think Pokiihantas got this name for hew quills AND her teeth!


Einspine! I love this name so much, and look at his costume! More fits of giggles when I found this one!


Alicia Quillverstone

Named for actress Alicia Silverstone, this hedgehog definitely shares her good looks.


Quillie Nelson

Who doesn’t love Quillie?

Edgar Allan Poke

He doesn’t look as goth as his namesake would suggest, but maybe it’s for his brooding personality.


Don’t interrupt his nap!

churchquill punny hedgehog name


This one is named for the Game of Thrones character, Danerys the Khaleesi.

punny hedgehog names
Snoop Hoggy Hog

This one really made me laugh too!

10 punniest hedgehog names

Named for the singer, this little guy doesn’t look quite as friendly as his namesake. Maybe he just woke up from a nap.

Quill.I.Am Hedgehog


I’m starting to think I should have named Wilhelmina QUILhelmina instead! Maybe the 10 punniest hedgehog names should be 11. If you haven’t gotten your fill of hedgehogs yet, check out our National Hedgehog Day post for a bunch more cute pictures!

Wilhelmina the Hedgehog

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