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Begging Strategies - Bones and Fishes

Begging Strategies

I tell stories about them being naughty, so maybe I should occasionally show the dogs behaving themselves. Maybe begging isn’t -completely- behaving themselves, but at least the don’t steal! Both of my dogs have begging strategies. Each of those strategies has its advantages.

This is how I know they know how to behave themselves. This is how Bentley begs, and Quincy joined him this time. Bentley thinks that being on his best behavior is the best way to get treats. Good dog. I don’t think Quincy knows that it’s extra cute when he tucks his paws in like that, but if he did know, he’d definitely be doing it on purpose.

well behaved dogs begging strategies

He definitely does some things specifically to be cute. This is how Quincy begs. He thinks being as cute as possible is the best way to get treats… He isn’t wrong. I have to admit, he tends to get what he wants when he begs like this. Of course, that’s because I think it’s adorable and want him to keep doing it. It would be a completely different story if he was jumping on me!

begging strategies of cocker spaniels

A lot of people really frown on begging. If it goes past the points seen here, I’ll put a stop to it, but I find it pretty cute when they’re being polite about it. Bentley somehow figured out that being polite has the best payoff and will sit very quietly for an entire meal in the hopes of getting something for good behavior.

Quincy will actually beg on command. We call it “saying please”. He’ll pull that trick randomly, with me or with strangers. I didn’t teach him to do that. He just started doing it one day. You should see strangers’ faces when he sits up and begs. It always makes people smile.

Does your dog have a cute begging strategy? I’d love to see a picture!


  1. Amanda

    OMG. Wynston begs the exactly like Quincy. I give in every time because…who couldn’t? It makes me weak. Sigh.

  2. Christina Berry

    Hubby and I eat dinner on the couch most nights (we’ve got a coffee table that pops up and makes an excellent dining table!). Nike usually comes and muscles her way in between us, as if she’s sitting down to dinner as well. Occasionally she might get a dog-friendly bite of something but usually her efforts are in vain! 😉

  3. Lara Elizabeth

    I love your new name & design! Quincy is pretty irresistible. Ruby begs by staring at me with her mind-melder eyes. She gets this really soft, puppyish look to face that she doesn’t have at any other time. Boca may have the best strategy of all: she sleeps while Ruby begs, knowing that when handouts are given, they are given equally!

  4. Robin

    Your dogs are very very cute! It must be tough to resist that begging. I think that pets believe it is their job to beg us humans for things (especially food). My kitties always try the sneak approach. If possible, they will suddenly appear, steal a piece of food, and run faster than a speeding bullet.


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