Beginning Home Made Diet

With all the brands of dog food causing illness and death in dogs over the past few years, I’ve considered changing Quincy’s diet many times. A couple days ago, I found out a brand of food I’d fed Quincy not too long ago is now causing dogs to get sick. It was a bit of a wake up call, so tonight I finally started changing him over.

Don’t worry! Quincy hasn’t eaten that brand in at least 6 months, and hasn’t been sick at all.

quincynov72012 copy

His first home made meal was pretty simple. I put a squash in the oven for an hour at 350°. While that was baking, I cooked up some ground beef in a skillet, with no salt or seasonings added.

When the squash came out of the oven, I used a knife to cut it up in a few pieces so it would cool faster. Everything had to cool down to room temperature, to make sure Quincy didn’t burn his mouth. After they cooled, I scooped the squash out of the shell with a spoon and used a potato masher to squish it up a bit. I wasn’t concerned with making it smoothly mashed. Judging by the coffee grounds he dug out of the trash today, he isn’t too concerned with texture.

After the squash was mashed a bit, I mixed up a bowl of squash, ground beef, and a scoop of dog food. I added the dog food to ease him over a little more slowly. We’re almost to the bottom of his bag of kibble also, so we’ll finish it off mixed with the home made meals.

Quincy only paused for a second, recognizing that it was new food, then dug right in. I turned around for a second, and when I looked back, he’d eaten it all and was asking for more. Pleased with the success, I gave him another another little spoonful, which he breathed down as well!

It’s been a few hours, as I write this, and his digestive system seems happy. He can be pretty gassy sometimes, so I was a little worried about how he’d handle a change.

Tonight was an experiment, but I plan on working up some actual recipes and posting them here as we go, as well as tips on how to keep a balanced diet.

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