Bentley’s Coat

Bentley hates the rain. I think he mostly doesn’t like getting his feet cold, but since I don’t have little dog boots, and I doubt he’d like them anyhow, I tried putting a coat on him. And this happened.

dog in a coat

He just laid there. Motionless. He nodded off pretty quickly, and stayed in that position, although his feet relaxed.

I can’t really tell if he enjoys it or not. It seems to have a similar effect as a thunder shirt, which is supposed to help relax stressed out dogs. Someone came to the door while he was wearing the coat. He sat up really fast, but only barked once, and calmed down really quickly, which is unheard of for Ben. He usually freaks out completely and won’t stop barking. So this seems like a good thing. I’m going to research a bit and see if I can find out more about this effect.

Here’s some video of him in the coat.


  1. Jessica @YDWWYW

    That is hilarious. Chester becomes statue when I put a coat on him. I interpret that as him not liking it. Once I get him outside though he will walk and it doesn’t really seem to bother him. His desire to walk outside seems to override his distaste for wesring a jacket 🙂

    1. Ryan Jordan (Post author)

      My first thought was that he doesn’t like it, but then he relaxed and fell asleep. That’s kinda confusing. He also reacted MUCH better to having someone knock on the door while he was wearing it. This coat is too big, so I’ll have to get one his size for him to go outside in. I’m hoping it’ll help with his aversion to rain, since we live in Seattle! lol

  2. GizmoGeodog

    I don’t know if that was an intended effect but Bentley sure does seem calm and happy in his coat…and it looks nice and warm for winter

    1. Ryan Jordan (Post author)

      No, this was a completely unexpected effect. lol He’s much calmer wearing it. I’m not totally sure if that translates to being happy as well, but he’s certainly easier to manage when stressful things are going on around him when he’s like this.

  3. Cattle Aussies~Bella, Terra, & Kronos

    This is so interesting! Mom’s aunt’s dog does this with a collar. She’ll run and hide and won’t move… We’ve never had an issue with clothes or accessories, though we also make mom pay us handsomely for wearing them 🙂 We think Bentley will get used to it soon…


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