Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Recipe

Chicken jerky dog treats are among Quincy’s favorite treats. But Quincy’s favorite brand was recently recalled, much to my alarm. Luckily, he hadn’t had any for a while and was unharmed by the tainted treats. However, the recall caused me to look into other ways to get those treats. The ones he likes are pretty expensive, and have added preservatives that are unnecessary and potentially harmful in and of themselves, so I figured out how to make them at home. It’s really easy!

dog cookies home made

My dogs get more excited about these than about the store bought version! There was a lot of begging and furious tail wagging when I finished the latest batch of chicken jerky dog treats.

Typically, a bag of these treats costs $7-$8 on its own. But if you make your own, you can make much more for $8.

Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Recipe

Boneless, skinless chicken breast
Sharp knife
Cutting board
Dehydrator (or oven)
Prep time:
10-20 minutes
Several hours – 2 days, depending on dehydrator temp
Turn on your dehydrator or oven. If you choose to use the oven, turn it onto the lowest setting and be aware that this can take all day, maybe more!
Trim ALL FAT off of the chicken breasts. The fat will not dehydrate, and may become rancid and spoil the treats.
chicken jerky dog snacks recipe
Lay the chicken on the cutting board and cut 1/4 inch strips. (you may want to experiment with thicker or thinner slices, depending on your dog) Place these strips in the dehydrator, following your dehydrator’s instructions for distance between items. If you have smaller scraps left over, you can clump these together and they will stick together when dry. Leave in dehydrator until fully dry. You may need to rearrange racks if you have multiple levels to ensure even dehydration
home made chicken jerky dog treat
These chicken jerky dog treats can store in an air tight container for a couple months as long as they are devoid of fat. If you do end up with some that have fat on them, feed those right away and store any extras in the fridge.
chicken jerky dog treats
When I took the lid off, the dogs got a good whiff of what was cooking, and they got really excited! Notice the action shot below. They could hardly contain their excitement!
dog treats
I’m always looking for ways to test their training, and took this opportunity to practice “wait”. It was the only moment during the whole process that they actually held still long enough for a non-blurry picture! It looks like Quincy (on the left) is thinking “I am being so good, this has got to work.” and Bentley is thinking “Really?? You couldn’t just let us enjoy the moment??”
dogs waiting for dog treats
These chicken jerky dog treats replace similar products that you can buy at the store. If you’d rather just buy them, here are a few suggestions:


  1. Sheba's Life Story

    Great idea thanks for sharing.

  2. Suzie

    I too make jerkey for my little one. I trimed very closely but did not think of the fat not dehydrating.. When the dehydration cycle was over I did notice some grease in the pan. I do them in the oven and used cookie sheet but next time I will use racks too. I do keep them in the fridge/freezer so I guess if I miss any she is still safe.
    Thanks for your thoughts!


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