Dogs Are the Best Medicine

cute dog toy gift

Bentley can be so sweet sometimes! Earlier today, I was having bad allergies and took a Benadryl, which made me very sleepy. I laid down for a nap to sleep it off. Bentley kept nosing around so I told him to lay down. I promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, I discovered that Bentley had made a little pile of his favorite toys next to my pillow before going to sleep at my feet. This isn’t something he normally does, so I think he knew I wasn’t feeling well, and figured his favorite toys would help. I made him pose for a picture with his pile because he was just too darn cute! Sometimes dogs are the best medicine!


  1. Jerimi

    That is ADORABLE!

  2. Beverly

    He really is cute! And I agree, dogs really do help us feel better!


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