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Eden Disappeared Last Night - Bones and Fishes

Eden Disappeared Last Night

Story time! This is bound to happen when you have as many pet potatoes as I do, but I wasn’t expecting it last night. Late last night, I realized that Eden had disappeared. It happened like this:

My nightly routine is pretty consistent: Feed the animals and eat dinner. Take the dogs for a walk. Clean guinea pig cages and/or litter boxes as necessary. Watch TV with the roommate while we do art projects or check Facebook. Take a shower, then round up the dogs and cats and go to bed.

That very last step is when I realized that Eden was missing. It’s pretty common for her to be sleeping in an odd place or to be in my roommate’s room watching her mice, so at first I was pretty calm. She wasn’t in my room anywhere, not even asleep under my bed. So my roommate searched her room, closet and under the bed included. Still no Eden. So a search of the entire house ensued.

It’s a little surprising how many little nooks and crannies there are that a 5 pound cat can get into. Under the sofa, behind the hot water heater, under tables and shelves… We checked all the paper bags, which are her new favorite hiding spots. I even opened the dish washer, just to be sure. Then we went outside and searched.


After rechecking everything, I stood in my room, worried and bewildered. And then I remembered something. When I had cleaned the guinea pig cage that night, when I was returning the cleaning supplies to their spot under the kitchen sink, I had caught Reilly trying to sneak into that cupboard. I ran to the kitchen and opened the cupboard door and there she was, sitting patiently in the dark, waiting for the door to open. For the past several hours, she hadn’t made a single noise, or tried to push the door open. Just waited patiently.

I’ve been meaning to get Eden microchipped for the past 10 months, so I think this was the reminder that I better hurry up and do that before we have an actual emergency!

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