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Eden's #NaturalBalance Adventure - Bones and Fishes

Eden’s #NaturalBalance Adventure

This post is sponsored by Natural BalanceTM and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM. I am being compensated to help spread the word the word about Natural Balance available at PetSmart, but Bones and Fishes only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Natural Balance and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

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Eden always greets me at the door when I get home, but today I think she realized I was up to something. She greeted me, meowing loudly, and I think she meant “ME! PICK ME!!” I had been planning on writing this post about Reilly, but let’s be honest… Eden is far more eager to go on outings than Reilly ever will be. Natural Balance® believes every pet has a unique personality worth celebrating, and maybe that means the goofy little cat should be the star this time. So I got her all bundled up in her harness and coat (hey, don’t judge, it’s really cold!) and we headed off to PetSmart® in search of Wild PursuitTM cat food from Natural Balance.

Eden checks out Natural Balance Wild Pursuit cat food at PetSmart

Eden purred the whole way to the store and rode happily in the cart, demanding attention from everyone we passed. I don’t know if you know this, but the pet food aisles at PetSmart are laid out so the high quality ingredient best pet foods are in the first row, the middle grade are in the second, and the cheap food is in the back. So of course, Natural Balance was in the first row!

Natural Balance Pet Food can be found at PetSmart. So easy, even a kitty can do it!

Natural Balance Pet Food can be found at PetSmart. So easy, even a kitty can do it!

I’m pretty picky about what I feed my pets. The Wild Pursuit line is made from high-quality ingredients with high protein and a grain free formula, formulated by expert nutritionists, so it passes my requirements. Eden seemed pretty excited about it too. She was practically putting it in the cart herself! Natural Balance backs every single product it sells with a Buy with Confidence guarantee to ensure pets’ health and safety. All of their products can be looked up on their website and also available on PetSmart.com. 100% grain free, high protein cat food is important to me, so I was also eager to see if Eden enjoyed this natural pet food.

Of course, we had to stop by the fish section for a few minutes.

Fishes are exciting. But not as tasty as Wild Pursuit High Protein Cat Food.

Fishes are exciting. But not as tasty as Wild Pursuit High Protein Cat Food.

All the PetSmart associates loved her, and Eden loved them! She’s the most outgoing cat I’ve ever met, so she’s a great companion for these kinds of outings.

Eden made friends while we shopped at PetSmart

Eden made friends while we shopped at PetSmart

Once a food passes my checklist of requirements, the real test begins. Will the cats even like it? We chose the chicken, turkey and quail flavor kibble, a balanced blend of three protein sources, as well as a couple canned flavors. Eden circled around, demanding dinner, while I prepared her bowl. First she got Wild Pursuit chicken, turkey and quail kibble, followed by a scoop of Wild Pursuit canned food. She devoured them both as soon as the bowl touched the ground!


Wild Pursuit formulas for cats (and dogs) are designed to satisfy your pet’s ancestral cravings. A grain-free diet with elevated levels of protein from unique animal sources, Wild Pursuit meets the nutritional needs of cats (and dogs) by closely resembling the diet they would have eaten in the wild. These complete and balanced formulas deliver a taste cats (and dogs) have evolved to crave and are available in 35 different varieties including dry & canned food for cats (,as well as dry & canned food and treats for dogs).


Natural Balance really is Food with Substance for Pets with CharacterTM!

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  1. Nichole

    Sure looks like a happy kitty shopping! What a fun adventure!

  2. M. K. Clinton

    Eden is precious. I have never met a cat in PetSmart other than the ones for adoption. What a fun outing for them.

  3. Carleen

    I love it when people take cats t the store!

  4. Kristen–well minded

    I am officially in love with Eden! Oh my goodness, what a hoot. I love that she just chills and checks everything out. Very rare for a cat. We love Natural Balance Dog food. My dog is way to much of a spaz for PetSmart, so I have to shop solo. Wish I could recruit Eden to join me!

  5. Lauren Miller

    Eden is so cute! My kitties like Natural Balance, too!

  6. Beth

    My dogs love Natural Balance Wild Pursuit.

  7. Sweet Purrfections

    How nice Eden was able to go to PetSmart. I wish I’d worked with Truffle and Brulee as kittens to take them on outings. Glad Eden liked the Natural Balance food.

  8. Lindsay Pevny

    I didn’t know PetSmart arranges their food this way – adorable photos!

  9. Robin

    Eden is such a cute kitty! I love her jacket. It looks like she had a great time at PetSmart. My cats enjoy Natural Balance Wild Pursuit too. 🙂 It’s great stuff!

  10. Ann Staub

    She is such a pretty cat! She does seem quite adventurous as well. Callie likes those Natural Balance wet noms.

  11. Panky and Troyer

    We wish we brave enough to go shopping like you Eden! We just send the human Staff to do our errands.
    We can’t wait to try the Natural Balance Wild Pursuit foods.

    Panfur Purrs!

    Panky and Troyer


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