Happy Birthday Quincy!

Today is Quincy’s 9th birthday!  To celebrate, here are a few pictures of him.

Quincy and Bentley at Lowell Park. This is probably my favorite picture of him. You can see how happy he always is.

happy cocker spaniel at the parkA close up. I get a lot of these.

cocker spanial close up

“Hey, what’s that black thing in your hand. Is it tasty?”

Napping. Quincy loves naps.

nappingquincy Quincy after getting a bath at the diy grooming shop. I love that place!

quincy at the groomer

“Can I get out of the tub now?”

Quincy and Bentley waiting for bedtime cuddles.

dogs in bed

“We un-made the bed for you. You’re welcome!”

Quincy was high on life that day! He loves going to the dog park.

happy dog at the park

Happy 9th birthday buddy! Here’s hoping for another wonderful 9 years.

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