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Icy Lime Kiln Trail Hike - Bones and Fishes

Icy Lime Kiln Trail Hike

Today, we took the Hikes With Dogs pack out to hike Lime Kiln Trail, just outside Granite Falls, WA. The weather here has been below freezing for a couple weeks, and at the higher elevation, there were a couple inches of snow as well.

Lime Kiln Trail sign

The one way distance is about 3.6 miles. Daisy, the rottweiler/malamute, has had a bit of a limp for about a week, so we were taking it easy on this one and had no real expectation to reach the end, but we actually made it about 2/3 of the way on this expedition. Next time, we plan to go all the way to the end.

Lime Kiln Trail Granite Falls Washington

Both Daisy and Quincy have their thick winter coats, so they enjoyed themselves impervious to the cold. Despite the ice, the trail was pretty easy. There were some places with a bit of a climb, but for the most part the trail had only gentle inclines. It would be suitable for the most novice and out of shape hikers. The trail is very dog-friendly and we encountered at least 10 other dogs. Horses are also allowed on portions of the trail. We saw many hoof tracks, and passed many horse pastures on the drive to the trail head. 


Daisy frequently munched on the snow. Her malamute side is totally at home in the snow and she seemed to enjoy the cold.


We didn’t see any wildlife, which is to be expected with so many dogs on the trail today, but we saw prints, and heard scurrying in the underbrush. Deer tracks were frequent. The ice was so hard that we figured smaller animals couldn’t leave tracks.

Lime Kiln Trail Photos

deertrack Lime Kiln Trail frostyleaf frostyplant frostywebs moss mushroom quincybacklit quincyinthesnow snowcrystals Lime Kiln Trail

For more information, visit the Washington Trails Association page.

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