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Introducing Rome - Bones and Fishes

Introducing Rome


This is my new baby, Rome. She’s a purebred Oriental Shorthair cat from InksSpots Cattery. She’s only 7 weeks old right now, but someday she’ll be participating in cat shows. I’m really excited to start this new hobby and meet a whole new group of pet lovers. InksSpots is a great ethical breeder that raises all of their kittens in the home environment. Their cats are often as friendly as dogs and come running to the door to greet you when you get home. Rome is especially bold and friendly for a kitten her age, only outdone by her brother, who tries to literally climb the walls. I’m excited to get to know her as she gets older.


I’ve been working with the breeder and learning a lot about cat grooming and how health and genetics are determined. The breeder uses a program that compares pedigrees┬áto avoid inbreeding or health issues, and to determine possible color outcomes of litters. Rome and her brother are both “ebony” like their father.


Here are Rome’s parents, Dresden and Sophie. Rome should look just like her dad when she grows up, although probably a bit smaller than he is.

PL07_114_zpsfb161303 sophie

Exciting things are ahead for the Bones and Fishes family!


  1. Ruth Cox

    Rome is absolutely gorgeous, as are her father and mother cats!

  2. Lara Elizabeth

    She is really beautiful and I love her name!

  3. Jen

    How exciting and Rome is gorgeous! Best of luck in your new adventure with cat showing! I’ll be excited to learn more about it ­čÖé

  4. Rama's Mama

    Omg, so adorable! I look forward to watching Rome grow and learn how to show! I show dogs and have always wanted to attend a cat show. So fun!

  5. DZ Dogs

    They are beautiful! Can’t wait to hear more about your cat shows!


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