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National Hedgehog Day - Bones and Fishes

National Hedgehog Day

February 2nd is National Hedgehog Day! As a brand new hedgehog enthusiast, I’m delighted that they have their own day. Charlie has only been in the family for a few weeks, but he’s settled right in and won everyone’s hearts.

The first thing I thought when I found out that February 2nd is National Hedgehog Day is that it’s weird that it’s the same day as Groundhog Day. But that’s no coincidence! Groundhog day, back in Roman times, started as Hedgehog day. It was the same event, more or less, but with hedgehogs instead of groundhogs. That tradition is still followed at the Oregon Zoo each year. This year, Fufu predicted an early spring for the Northwest!

Fufu the Hedgehog at the Oregon Zoo

Let’s celebrate that prediction and Hedgehog Day with some cute hedgehog photos!

hedgehog teeth

Please let me know if you know who to credit these photos to. They’re collected on Facebook and various sources without attribution, and I’d love to know who to give credit.

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