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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month - Bones and Fishes

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is “Adopt a Senior Pet Month” and, as much as I’d love to get another dog, I just can’t do it right now. I have a senior dog of my own already though, and a cat that will be in that age range in the next few years. Since I’m at capacity for dogs and cats, I’ll tell you why senior pets are so great!

They’re Slower

That might not sound like a perk at first glance. But let’s be honest. How many of us have thought “I’ll get this young dog, and he’ll be my new exercise buddy! We’ll go jogging and hiking and I’ll finally get in shape!”? How many of us have ended up sitting on the sofa, eating potato chips and wishing your exercise buddy would calm the hell down and be a couch potato with you? (I’m looking at you, Bentley!) Well, old dogs are happy to be your couch potato buddy!

My cat, Reilly, isn’t quite a senior yet, but he’s a lot less crazy than he was a few years ago. He’s still a bit nuts, but his aggressive tendencies have softened over the years and he’s easier to live with than he was as a wee lad.


They’re Not Done Yet

While they may like chilling out on the sofa with you all day, many still have a lot of life left in them. Quincy is perfectly content sleeping (and farting) at my feet all day long, but he’s also excited to go hiking too. Our hikes are slower and shorter these days, but we still get out and enjoy the fresh air. He still runs around the yard on sunny days, and wrestles with Bentley.

Reilly still races around and plays like a madman on a regular basis. He loves playing with his laser pointer and his imaginary friends. He’s a huge cuddle bug as well.

They’re Experienced

Older dogs often come pre-trained, at least in the basics. You likely won’t have to potty train them, which is a huge perk, in my opinion! They’ve probably learned some manners about how to behave around people and interact with other dogs. Obviously not every dog is going to be a perfect fit, but their life experiences may help them deal with changes.

They Just Need Love

Many elderly dogs and cats came from wonderful homes, but their owners may have died of old age themselves, or went to nursing homes where they’re not allowed to have pets. There’s nothing wrong with these pets. They just need a new family. These dogs especially are sad and lonely and just need a new person to give them the love they deserve.


Since┬áNovember is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, if you’re thinking about bringing another pet into your family, why not check out the seniors at the shelter? I’m sure they’d love another shot at a loving home. Or do you already have senior pets? Tell us their story!


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  1. mommakatandherbearcat

    I wish I’d known this before! Never too late to praise seniors though. Thank you for the reminder.


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