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Quincy's ICU Visit - Bones and Fishes

Quincy’s ICU Visit

Quincy's ICU Visit

Things happen so fast. On Sunday afternoon, Quincy was happy and apparently healthy. On Sunday evening, I had to rush Quincy to the emergency vet hospital where he was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

I came home from running errands on Sunday afternoon and found Quincy standing in the middle of the room, shaking, with his back arched. He had had diarrhea all over the room. I took him outside where he relieved himself a bit more, but then refused to walk at all. It was too painful. I called his vet, but they were closing in twenty minutes, and referred me to Seattle Veterinary Specialists in Kirkland Washington. I called them, and they said it would be a 2-hour wait, but to bring him in. I wrapped Quincy in a towel, put him in the car, and rushed him to the vet. I signed in, and they almost immediately took Quincy to the back. No 2 hour wait. He was in too rough of shape for that.

riding to the vet ICU emergency vet visit

That began the longest week of my life.

They put him on an IV immediately and put him in the ICU ward of the hospital. They couldn’t identify what was wrong with him, but they were able to stabilize him. The first night I hardly slept.

On the second day, they ran tests and started getting results back. Quincy was dehydrated from the diarrhea, had loss of protein (which could also be from diarrhea), leaky cells which caused fluid build up under the skin, and was in a lot of pain. His kidneys and liver appeared to be just fine based on the test results. An ultrasound revealed that his digestive system was inflamed, including his stomach, intestines, and pancreas. They recommended a biopsy of the inflammation but wanted to do a couple other tests first to confirm that it was safe to put him under for the procedure.

Throughout this entire ordeal, once the pain medication had kicked in, Quincy remained his cheerful self. He wasn’t able to walk at times, due to the painkillers, but after the first night he was wagging his tail. I sat with him for three hours on Monday evening, and every time a vet or nurse came to check on us, he would sit up and wag his little tail, and go greet them if he could summon the energy. His friendly disposition really helped him get through this with less stress than Bentley would have. Even after all the shots and everything, he’s still happy to see the vet.

Quincy enjoying the grass outside the vets office

Enjoying the grass outside the vet’s office on one of his potty breaks. Happy even when he’s in the hospital!

On Tuesday afternoon, they got the test results back that said it was safe to put him under for a biopsy. The biopsy itself was very fast. However, it takes a long time to get the test results. We don’t expect to hear back until at least early next week, possibly the week after. This is driving me crazy, let me tell you! They scary part is, they’ve narrowed it down to two things. The vet believes it’s either Inflamed Bowel Disease (IBD), or the terrible C word…. If it’s IBD, he will need to stay on a strict diet and probably lifelong medication, but he will live a normal lifespan. The other option doesn’t even bear thinking about.

After his biopsy, and he had recovered and was on his feet again, Quincy was allowed to come home. He’s on five different medications to treat the symptoms while we wait for the diagnosis. We’re proceeding as if this is IBD, and he’s doing a lot better. He actually likes the low-fat kibble better than his old food. The only treats he’s getting right now is boiled chicken breast, but he loves it. I hide his pills inside the chicken breast as well. Although we love Pill Pockets, they’re high in fat, which is very dangerous for a dog with IBD.

Quincy and his donut - it replaces the cone of shame

A blurry action shot welcome home from Bentley! Quincy got a doggy donut instead of a Cone of Shame.

The timing on all this was absolutely horrible…. there’s never a good time, but I had been planning on signing up for pet insurance this week. Of course, this all went down BEFORE I signed up. As you can imagine, his vet bill is astronomical. So many wonderful friends and complete strangers have helped with his vet bill, but we’re only about a quarter of the way toward paying it off. If you would like to help us, there are two ways to do so. Quincy has a GoFundMe set up here. If you click that link, it will take you directly to his page where you can see how the fund raiser is going, see updates, and make a donation if you have a couple dollars to spare. Every little bit adds up, and we greatly appreciate everyone who has donated and helped save Quincy’s life!

The other way to help is to commission a painting. I do pet portraits on canvas. This could be of your own pet, a gift for a friend, a memorial for a past pet, or even just a cool animal that you’d like to see on your wall. For details, you can check out my art website. Take a look at my art gallery as well to get an idea of the style I use. I have several more paintings in the works, so my portfolio should double in the coming days or weeks.

He’s still regaining his strength, but Quincy has an awesome attitude about any disability. He just keeps going as if everything is fine, and keeps wagging his little tail. I’ll post updates when we get the test results back! Pray for IBD, please! In the meantime, go sign up for pet insurance! It could save your dog’s life.

Also, keep an eye out for our upcoming giveaway! I have a stash of great prizes for some lucky winner and I can’t wait to share it with you!


  1. Beth

    What a scary time for you and Quincy! I am glad that he’s feeling better and will continue to send good vibes to him!

  2. Rose

    I have a home recipe for for homemade pill pockets if you would like it. I don’t know if it would work for Quincy but I could e mail it to you.
    I hope he is doing much better.


    1. ryan (Post author)

      That would be great! My email is ryan@bonesandfishes.com. He’s improving after switching medication. I need to post an update, but what it boils down to is that he needs to improve in the next 5 days, or he’s probably not going to. Today is a good day though, so I’m feeling hopeful!

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