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Quincy's Preferred Hiking Leash - Bones and Fishes

Quincy’s Preferred Hiking Leash

While Quincy is well behaved at home, a leash is an absolute necessity while hiking. It’s always wise, for safety, to use a leash when taking hikes with dogs. With Quincy, he tends to put his nose to the ground and just follow whatever scent he comes across at high speed. If he isn’t on a leash, he’ll be in the next county before lunchtime.

At the same time, I want him to be able to run around and enjoy himself. Our preferred leash for hiking is the red Flexi Lead Compact 1. We also use the black Flexi Classic Compact 1, but it’s a little larger and I find that the locking mechanism isn’t quite as smooth. I keep it around as a backup. Both of them are well used, but holding up great after a couple years of use despite a little dirty and scuffing.

We also always have a second typical nylon web leashon hand, just in case.

When picking an extending leash, it’s important to choose the correct one for your dog. Know the size and strength of your dog. A leash that’s too heavy can weigh you and your dog down unnecessarily. A leash that’s too light can break at the wrong moment. Pay attention to weight recommendations. Avoid retractable leashes that have a web leash attached to a cord with a connector in the middle. This can be a weak point in the leash and will wear out faster than the ones that are one piece.

Quincy loves his retractable leash and we take one on every hike.

Contributed by Ryan Jordan.

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