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Rainy Hike - Bones and Fishes

Rainy Hike

This was a beautiful hike Quincy and I took a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten the specific location, but it was out I-90 past Issaquah somewhere. We could have really used a Dog Raincoat, but Quincy was unfazed! It’s definitely important to bring towels when taking him for a hike in wet weather.

There are hints in some of these pictures about where we might have been. 

These beautiful berries were all over the place. The contrast between the green and red was really eye catching! 

This trail eventually passed over a waterfall, which I failed to get any pictures of. 

Quincy was soaked before we even got to the trail, or at least his legs were. He looks pretty funny when he’s only partially damp. 

There were lots of beautiful plants. This fallen piece of lichen caught my eye. 

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