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Rome's First Day Out - Bones and Fishes

Rome’s First Day Out

Last week we let Rome and her brother Greg (short for Gregarious, named by my roommate, so don’t blame me!) out to meet the other cats for the first time. They were a bit timid at first, but they were eager to explore.


Andy was very interested to meet them too. He was also a bit intimidated. He wasn’t really sure what to think of two little clones running around and pouncing on things. After some tentative playing, they decided they all liked each other, and they’ve been going crazy ever since. They chase each other, wrestle, throw toys around, and torment the older cats. Several of the older cats love joining them though! Eden has never realized she’s an adult, so she happily plays and chases them. Andy is her best buddy, afterall.


Exploring the house took a couple hours. Rome and Greg investigated all the corners, found dust bunnies, and new hiding places. Their mom came running whenever either of them cried. Sophie is a good mother. She even swatted Andy a few times when he got a little rough.


Rome and Greg will fit in just fine!



  1. Carol

    Beautiful kitties!

  2. Rama's Mama

    Aw, such a big day! 😀

  3. DZ Dogs

    Awwwww………they are so cute!!


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