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Spotlight on: Biscuit the Pomeranian - Hikes with Dogs

Spotlight on: Biscuit the Pomeranian

I’ve known Parker for years, so when it came time to start writing up Spotlights, Biscuit the Pomeranian was a natural choice for a profile. And who can resist his cute little face?

Introduction:  Biscuit is a Pomeranian. He shares his home with three other dogs: his mother Teddi, another Pomeranian named Tanuki, and a Schipperke named Kia.

Biscuit the Pomeranian

How did you and your dog meet?  He was born under my parents’ bed 14 years ago. We had many colors in that litter, black, beaver, and a really dark sable.  Biscuit was just a brownish colored sable when he was born. Compared to the other puppies, he was very plain.  So when people came over to hold and look at the puppies, nobody ever chose Biscuit to hold, as he was the least interesting looking puppy.  I felt bad for him, being ignored, so I started to hold him a lot to compensate.  After I started holding him a lot and spending more time with him than any of the other puppies I became attached to him.
Biscuit the Pomeranian
In 3 words or less, what is your dog’s personality?  Energetic, quirky, manipulative
What is your dog’s favorite toy or snack?  Peanut butter cookies.
What is your dog’s favorite place to go, or favorite activity?  He likes to go on walks in parks or he likes to wade in shallow, slow moving rivers or lake shores.
Biscuit the Pomeranian Wading in a river
Where is your dog’s favorite place in the house?  On the sofa.
If your dog were human, what would their job or favorite hobby be?  Stalker, because he’s a watcher, not a doer.
Biscuit the Stalker Pomeranian
What is your favorite story about your dog?  In 2011 in the early morning hours of Biscuit’s birthday, a crested gecko (C. ciliatus) hatched.  Biscuit was so thrilled with seeing a brand new gecko coming out of the egg.  He even tried to help pull her out of the egg, but he was afraid of being rough with her and just brushed the top of her head with his whiskers.  With that bit of sensation she popped the rest of the way out of the egg, surprising Biscuit.  I feel it was one of the best moments we shared together.  The gecko’s name is Keks, which is German for ‘biscuit’.
Biscuit the Pomeranian looks at a gecko
What about your dog makes you smile the most?  His face when he’s excited about or interested in something.
Biscuit the Pomeranian hiking
Biscuit the Pomeranian in a log
Biscuit’s owner, Parker, is a talented artist, who has produced some exceptional dog portraits and accepts commissions! If you’re ever in the market for a special portrait of your dog, go check out Parker on DeviantART.
Teddi the Pomeranian
Mom, Dad, brother, and Biscuit
Pomeranian Family
Pomeranians two pomeranians pomeranians pomeranian and schipperke

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