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Spotlight on: Quincy - Bones and Fishes

Spotlight on: Quincy

What breed is your dog?
Pure breed American Cocker Spaniel

Quincy Hiking

How old is he/she?
Oh boy, I’d have to find his papers. I want to say 6 years old, but I’m pretty sure I’m underestimating because I want him to live forever.

How did you choose your dog’s name?
He came with his name. His full name is Pennycreek’s Quincy Jones.

How did you and your dog meet?
He belonged to a breeder who also showed him in dog shows. She got very sick and could no longer take care of all her dogs on her own, so she was finding new homes for them. My roommate at the time had a Cocker Spaniel when he was a kid, so I went with him when he went to get a dog. I had no intention of getting a Cocker Spaniel. I’ve always loved big dogs. Quincy was tied up on a grooming table, being ignored, and the entire time his little tail was wagging as fast as it would go. I couldn’t resist. I tried to get my roommate to pick Quincy, but he picked another dog instead, so I decided I had to get Quincy myself. He’s been with me ever since.


In 3 words or less, what is your dog’s personality?
Eternally goofy HAPPY

What is your dog’s favorite toy or snack?
Quincy loves dehydrated meat snacks, such as chicken or duck. (Such as Jerhigh Chicken Jerky)

What is your dog’s favorite place to go, or favorite activity?
Quincy doesn’t like the car ride itself, but he loves anywhere we arrive. His favorite place is probably Home Depot, since he gets so much attention there. We can’t walk through the store without at least 2 or 3 people asking to pet him.


Where is your dog’s favorite place in the house?
Wherever I am. He’s my shadow. He’s particularly fond of his bed, or my bed. He loves to roll around on my bed. It must feel good.

If your dog were human, what would their job or favorite hobby be?
I imagine he would do something to make people happy, like delivering flowers and candy, or some sort of charity work, like visiting sick people in the hospital. Maybe something as simple as retail, but he would truly enjoy his job as long as he was working with people.

What is your favorite story about your dog?
Probably the time this woman with two small kids came up to me. She was terrified of Quincy, because she was afraid of dogs, but she could tell he was a friendly dog, and asked if her kids could pet him because she didn’t want them to be scared of dogs too. She waited about 15 feet away while her kids played with Quincy for a few minutes, then she thanked me and they went on their way.
Or possibly the time this big, tough looking construction guy at Home Depot asked to pet Quincy, and ended up sitting on the floor cuddling with my dog. Quincy brings out interesting things in people!


What about your dog makes you smile the most?
He loves wearing costumes… No, really, he does! He has some Christmas hats, antlers, and scarves, and any time he sees them, he gets really excited and begs to wear them. I think he knows that it’s cute and he gets more attention if he’s wearing a hat!
That, and just how happy he is to see me. He’s ALWAYS happy.

Any last comments?
Quincy’s the best. I’m so glad I have him!

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